Grace Williams


Escamotage (2014) Installation view, West Midlands Open, BM&AG.
Escamotage (2014) Installation view, West Midlands Open, BM&AG.


Traversing photography, film and installation Grace Williams’s work explores the potential of contemporary art to assemble what she has termed a ‘Field of Fascination’. She highlights the idea that the process of making art reflects the need for heightened sensory perceptions, demonstrated in Clairvoyance [clear-seeing], Clairsentience [touching], Clairaudience [hearing] Clairalience [smelling], Clairgustance [tasting] and most significantly Claircognizance (knowing). Her research takes a critical analysis of the performance and sexual politics of the female body within the fields of Mediumship [channeling conduits] Magick [Occult, black magic] Magic [vanishing women] and pre-narrative cinema that moves away from simple notions of belief and opens up a form of rigorous curiosity.

In 2013 Williams received the T.G Hamilton research Grant from the University of Manitoba, Canada, to work with the Hamilton collection and produce a feminist reading of the photographic collection, working towards the doctoral thesis ‘The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship: Assembling a Field of Fascination in Contemporary Art’.


‘Grace A Williams is the current Gertrude A Bowater award holder for practice-led doctoral research, based at the Centre for Fine Art Research, Birmingham School of Art.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Gothic, Library of Birmingham, UK.

2015 Weston Park, Granary Gallery, UK.

2014 PULPA, R K Burt Gallery, London, UK.

2014 West Midlands Open, Gas Hall, BM&AG, UK.

2014 Escamotage, ARTicle Gallery, UK.

2013 New Art West Midlands, BM&AG, UK.

2012A Short Sharp Blow to the Head, Trade Gallery, UK.

2012 The Museum of [              ] objects, MAC, UK.

2012 This is the Point, Flatpack Festival, UK.

Selected Awards

2014 BM&AG West Midlands Open, First Prize.

2012/15 Gertrude A Bowater Doctoral Studentship.

2013 T G Hamilton Research Grant. 2012 IKON Gallery Curators Choice Award.

2011 AHRC Professional Preparation MA Fine Art.

2011 IKON Gallery Curators Choice Award.

Selected Publications

Grace Williams “Vanishing in Plain Sight” (2014). The Journal of Performance Magic 2 (1) pp.40-53 ISSN 2051-6037.

Grace Williams “Forced Entertainment: The Last Adventures’ Fierce Festival review” (2014) This is Tomorrow

Grace Williams. “Through the Looking Glass: The Cryptesthesia of Photography”. Zētēsis, Vol.1. No.2 (2013): 82-89. ISBN 9781873352076

Grace Williams “Escamotage”. ZētēsisVol.1, No.3.

Selected Talks

‘Perception in the Folds: The Requirement of having a Body’, Talk for Erotic Cloth Colloquium, March 20th 2015, The Art Workers Guild, London.



Exhibiting in ‘One Leg Supporting the Weight of the Body, the Other Slightly Bent’, Croome Court (National Trust), Worcestershire 7 August 2015 – 6 August 2017





Escamotage, 2014
Unframed single print £195.00 (Limited run of 10 per image)

Escamotage, 2014
Unframed Full series print £300.00 (Limited run of 10)

Warm Up, 2014
Unframed Silk Screen Print £150.00 (Limited run of 5 black, 5 purple)

The artist is open to commissions.


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